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Home Equity Second Mortgage Loans and Rates

We link consumers to direct mortgage companies offering home equity second mortgage loans for all types of homeowners. Take a few minutes and discover the possibilities with over 100 home equity loan programs. Fannie Mae recently announced that 125% mortgage would be expanded under the Home Affordable Refinance Program, but now there are zero equity requirements. We can direct you to companies that endorse the best home equity mortgage programs online. Stop wasting your time with banks that don't offer equity loan mortgages and get quotes today from lenders that want to work with you on real loan programs. No Application Fees!

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Learn more about the requirements for mortgages for bad credit. In some cases, the Federal Housing Administration approves FHA home loans for bad credit.

Shop and compare lenders offering home equity mortgage loans for borrowers trying refinance but are having trouble getting approved because they no equity. We offer the Home Affordable Refinance Program that enables the refinancing of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans up to 125% loan to value and the Emergency Homeowner Loan Program that reduces the principal amount on the mortgage and refinances the loan to a lower interest rate. Reach out to some approved HARP lenders to see if one of these programs would suit your needs.

Home equity mortgage rates have been going up just like the first mortgage rates but if you need cash, the 2nd mortgages are your best bet for financing. Forget about the interest rates and look at the reality of your needs.

What are you trying to accomplish with the home equity mortgage loan? Do you need money for a start-up business? Are you investing in a home renovation that may increase your property value? Are you simply seeking lower monthly payments for the debts you have already incurred?

We can help you pay off your debts quicker with a 125 loan that allows you borrow your future equity. As long as you have good credit scores, our second mortgage and debt consolidation loan programs are available whether you have equity or no equity.

We guarantee the best home equity mortgage rates with flexible loan guidelines for 2nd loans and a mortgage for debt consolidation. There are no up-front costs and no obligation. You can get cash for debt consolidation, home improvements, or investments. No Equity is required! Get pre-qualified for a home equity loan to get you money fast.

Need some cash? Use your home's equity how and when you want! Set up a Home Equity Account today and get a line of credit secured by the equity in your home. It is an excellent plan when you simply want the money to be there in case you need it. Since this is a revolving line of credit, as you pay back what you borrow, the money is yours to use over and over again. Shop Home Equity Mortgage Lenders today.

  • Fixed Rate Monthly Payments with Home Equity Mortgages
  • Loans for 1st Time Homeowners
  • 100% + Programs for Home Improvement Cash (203K FHA)
  • Cash Out for House Repairs
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* Home Equity Mortgage Rates are determined by credit scores and combined Loan-to-Value ratios.